Finishing Your Quilt Beautifully

At our last guild meeting I promised to provide some links to tutorials on techniques that will ensure that you quilt lies flat and hangs beautifully. There are a multitude of tutorials on-line these are just a few that I thought were well done.

Adding borders Squaring up your quilt
Adding binding
Adding a sleeve


  • The February meeting is your last opportunity to renew your membership in order to be eligible to enter a quilt into the show.
  • There are two more meetings at which you can register your quilt and of course you can mail your registration to Barbara as well. Remember your quilt does not have to be complete to be registered you simply need a 4×6” picture that give a good sense of the colour and style of the quilt and a fairly accurate size.
  • Make sure to fill in your volunteer forms. It makes Vicki’s job much easier if she doesn’t have to phone members to slot in their volunteer hours.
  • Entries to The Pin Cushion Challenge will be displayed at the show, the auction will take place at the June meeting and the funds raised will be used to purchase equipment for Workshops.
  • Our Boutique is a showcase for member’s talents and possibly a way to earn some money to buy more fabric…… What saleable delights are you working on?

Happy Quilting!