Mystery Quilt in 6 Clues

Gosh, less than two weeks before our Fall time change. As the sun sets earlier it’s only natural for us to want to start warm cozy quilts to wrap ourselves or our loved ones up in during the winter. Luckily your Program Committee is starting a mystery quilt so you can do just that!

Paula and Jo Ann are the masterminds behind our new mystery quilt project. Here is some information in case you missed Paula’s introduction in September:

Mystery Quilt in 6 Clues:
October Sign-up and Fabric Requirements
November Clue #1
December* Clue #2
January Clue #3
February Clue #4
March Clue #5
April Clue #6 – complete top
May Clue #7 – optional borders

Clues will be provided for 3 sizes:
Original – 64″ by 76″
Lap – 51″ by 64″
Baby – 38″ by 51″

It’s meant to be scrappy, and uses a light background and four more colours: 2 medium value fabrics and 2 dark value fabrics – the original uses all one fabric for a medium, scraps for the other, all one fabric for a dark, scraps for the other

It’s a traditional design, but would look good with your favourite colours – Paula is probably going to do it with 30s repros, because that’s what she has, but it will be lovely in modern brights, batiks or even Christmas themed fabric

When choosing fabrics, remember that colour gets all the credit, but value does all the work – making sure that you have good separation between values means that the secondary design will show up as your clues come together We will be doing a sign up for the mystery quilt in October. The steps will be sent out by email. Your Programs Committee is going to be doing this mystery along with you so hopefully we will be able to address any issues along the way.

Your Program Committee,
Andrea, Jo Ann & Paula