Tips for Exploring the Library

The easiest way to find a book is by using this link and just typing in what you are looking for, but if you click “Browse the Catalogue” you have some different options.

Here are some tips for browsing the catalogue on LibraryThing.

Sorting Books
Finding Books on a Particular Topic
Searching the Library
Viewing the Details of a Specific Book


Want to see just the covers? Click on the “Covers” button:


Want to see the list again? Click on the “List” button:


Sorting Books

When you first enter the library’s web site, the books will be sorted in a default order (by newest added). To change the sort order, just click on the title at the top of the column you want to sort (Title, Date, etc.). Make sure you are looking at the List view first.

To sort books by title, click on the “Title” column heading. A down arrow indicates alphabetical (A-Z) order; to sort in the reverse (Z-A), click on “Title” again.


To see all the most recently published books, click on the “Date” column until the arrow is pointing up (reverse sort order):

lt_sort_ new_pubdate

And to see the most recently added books, click on the “Entry date” column until the arrow is pointing up (reverse date order):


Finding Books on a Particular Topic

Use the Tags feature to get a list of books on a particular topic.

  1. Use the Tags menu to switch to the Tags view:
  2. Click on any tag from the list to view the titles in that category:
  3. You can return to the full list at any time by clicking on the “Your library” link on the left of the screen.

Searching the Library

You can also search the library for a particular word or topic. Use the bottom search box to type in your search words, then click “Search”:


If there are books that match your search terms, you will see a list on the screen.

Viewing the Details of a Specific Book

To see more information about a book, click on the book’s title, then click on “Book Details” from the menu on the left. Scroll down to the “Comments” section to find the book’s library number – this will help you locate it quickly at the next guild meeting, since books are displayed on the tables in numerical order.