Quilting Tips: Cookie Cutters

With their simple bold shapes, cookie cutters make excellent templates for both appliqué and the final quilting. And of course you can have your quilt and eat it too — make quilt-themed cookies by choosing your ‘fabrics’ and block patterns and then topping sugar or gingerbread cookies with royal icing or rolled fondant to recreate them. How about a gift basket filled with a set of gingerbread man appliqué mug rugs, patchwork gingerbread man cookies, and a jar of hot cocoa mix… mmmm.

For more inspiration, these cookies are beyond cute:

Fabric Manipulation Tutorial

Online tutorial on fun fabric manipulation for quilters by Sewnup by TeresaDownUnder; visit https://mypatchwork.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/41-fabric-manipulation-tutorials/

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day is a worldwide celebration for independently owned quilt shops everywhere.

Follow this link for more details: http://quiltshopday.com/

Make Your Own Dye Catchers

Make your own laundry colour catchers with this easy recipe – cheaper than buying them.


Finishing Your Quilts

Here are a few videos on adding borders, squaring up your quilt and adding binding… all tips that will help insure that your quilts hang or lie flat.

On proper measuring of your borders

On squaring up your quilt

On adding the binding to your quilt

Happy Quilting,

“Quilt,” a Film by Gayle Thomas

Several guild members have seen and shared this wonderful film from the National Film Board of Canada. Enjoy it again, or see it for the first time, by following the link below. It shouldn’t be missed! http://www.nfb.ca/film/quilt

Scraps Make Great Sleeves

A quilting tip from “Heart to Hand” …. Use scraps of quilt to make hanging sleeve – then if repairs are needed, the correct fabric is there.

Arlene Simpson

Looking for Quilt Shops in Europe?

I used this to find a few quilt shops to visit during my recent trip to Europe, and I found all the shops I was looking for.

Planning to travel internationally? Want to check out quilt shops on your travels? Then check out this website, and select your country of travel down the left hand side: http://www.cosman.nl/

Anne Pelton

Health and Safety in Quilting

The work world is full of Health and Safety requirements now, for risky field work and safer office work. I thought at least quilting was a world I could retreat to without worrying about that. But a while ago, something happened that made me think again. Since this probably happens to others, I thought I would share it with you.

I was happily cutting fabric one night for a new quilt using my rotary cutter. I had been at it for about an hour straight and was getting tired but I was almost done. Just a few more pieces to do. You know what I mean. I kept going, and suddenly ran the cutter into my left hand and knicked my finger. Well, blood and fabric don’t mix, and I had to stop. It wasn’t a dangerously deep cut, but deep enough to need a bandage for a few days.

This was a big reminder for me about how accidents happen when we are tired or distracted. Modern rotary cutters have safety devices, but it is us that need the “safety devices.” At the least, I need to pace myself, take breaks, and not be so stubborn about finishing a task.

Karen Munro