Quilt Show


Colleen Bell, Quilt Show Coordinator, provides this update:

In light of the information coming from the provincial government about large gatherings [in the wake of the COVID-19 corona virus], concerns from our vendors, and concerns about financial losses if we don’t get the attendance we need, the Quilt Show committee has decided it would be best to postpone the show until next year.

More information will be forthcoming in the April newsletter [and posted on this webpage], after the committee has had a chance to consider all of the ramifications and details. The good news is, you will have more time to work on your quilts for the show. The opportunity: you get to create new ones to replace the ones you give away in the meantime.

Raffle Quilt

The 2020 Lions Gate Quilter’s Guild raffle quilt is based on the Journey pattern in Edyta Sitar’s Patches of Blue book, but has been modified to 6” blocks.

The quilt is 90” by 90”.

The overall effect is very simple and straight forward, blue blocks against a cream background.  On closer inspection you can observe that 14 tone-on-tone stars have been pieced into the upper right quadrant, and 14 trees have been pieced into the lower left quadrant.  The trees are meant to represent our roots, our family, our support as we journey through life.  The stars represent our dreams and ambition.  The centre has a directional compass motif quilted into it.

The hand guided custom longarm work was done by LGQG’s own Carol Chernov of Twin Creek Quilts.  

The backing fabric is a beautiful blue paisley on a cream background, by 3 Sisters for Moda.

Since we have already started ticket sales, we have to proceed with the draw. We have a BC Gaming Licence that clearly states that the draw will take place on June 6th at 5:30pm at the Sports and Wellness Centre at Cap. U.  Ticket sales have already started and at this point we can’t undo that.

The good news is that our current sales proceeds exceed our costs of materials for the quilt and raffle ticket printing.  As we won’t be able to sell tickets out in the community, we should encourage our membership to step up and sell tickets to their immediate families and friends to maximize sales proceeds. We can sell tickets up until June 6th, and every new sale from here on will only add to the funds available to date to benefit our Community Quilts.

I’m sure it won’t be the sales target that we hoped for, but that’s ok. Another quilt can be made and tickets sold in another raffle next year.

It is important for the ticket stubs to be returned so we can do the draw.  We should try to do this as soon as possible. Increasing isolations to prevent spreading COVID-19 may make this even more difficult in the weeks and months ahead.

For those who have ticket stubs that they need to turn in, please contact me by email and we can arrange for you to drop them off at my place, or if needed I can come to you.

Alternatively, you can put them in an envelope and mail them to me.  If you choose to mail in your stubs, please record the information on each stub, or take a photo of each stub so that if they are lost in the mail, the names and numbers on those specific tickets can still be represented in the draw. This is only a safeguard as we must account for each ticket in the draw [according to the BC Gaming Licence].

Thank you all in advance, for making an effort in filling out your tickets and turning in the stubs.  Please feel free to contact Jane Ellis directly should you have any questions.

Challenge Quilt

  • POSTPONED to 2021