Our Freezer Paper Foundation Paper Piecing Workshop with Dianne Ritter sold out at our September 26, 2017 meeting and took place on Saturday, October 14, 2017, at St. Agnes Church. We are looking forward to seeing your work!

Upcoming Workshops

Free Motion Quilting with Rulers with Carola Russell from Sechelt, BC
Place:    St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC
Date:     Saturday November 25, 2017
Time:    9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (1/2 hour for lunch)
Cost:     $60.00

Come join us for a day of “Free Motion Quilting with Rulers” on your own domestic sewing machine. Carola will discuss everything you’ll need to know to get started on your machine. You will add ruler work to your repertoire! Rulers are a great way to perfect “in the ditch” quilting, navigate around corners, channel quilting and make consistent shapes such as curves and circles. Do not be intimidated by the description, this class is FUN for novices!

You will need to purchase a “Ruler Foot” and “Ruler” or “Ruler set” before the class, if you do not already have them. Feet, shanks and rulers can be ordered from Carola before the hands-on class. You will receive a 15% discount on all regular priced supplies purchased from Carola.

Carola is also coming to lecture on this technique at our October guild meeting, organized by the Programs Committee. Orders from already-registered participants in this workshop for the feet, shanks and rulers required, have been placed with Carola.

For late registrations, please check with Carola at the October guild meeting for all your requirements, if you don’t already have them.

January Extravaganza 2018

We are working on our annual January Extravaganza 2018 and the exact date, location and sign-up sheets will be available for our October and November meetings.

This absolutely fun, no-pressure day will follow the same format as previous years. We will provide a theme or quilt project that you can participate in, or you may wish to work on community quilts or your own project. We will have a sign-up sheet for either a savoury or sweet contribution to our potluck lunch, and hopefully lots of rewards or prizes! So make sure to check us out at the Workshop table at Guild!

Plans are also underway to have two more workshops in March and May of 2018 and these will be announced soon.

Happy quilting,
Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen
Workshop Coordinators



This is a two day class! We are happy to report that this workshop is definitely ON!!

Space is still available for those who would like to register at our May meeting. We will have copies of the supply list and any other information you might need at our workshop table.

Details for the class are:

Place: St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Dates: Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27

Time:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:   $90.00 for two days

We are also pleased to announce two new workshops for our fall session.  


First of all, our friend and fellow guild member, DIANNE RITTER, will present a one-day workshop on foundation piecing. We are so excited about this simpler way to foundation paper-piece, and the end result will be a stunning table runner for you to enjoy and share (think Christmas gifts, think Quilt Show entry)!! Supply list will be available soon.   Here are the details:


Have you ever tried or wanted to try Foundation Paper Piecing because you love the accuracy of the technique but the thought of picking out all that paper made you run screaming?

What if there was a way to achieve the accuracy without all of the paper picking?

There is! Join me for a day of Foundation Paper Piecing using freezer paper and when your block is complete you simply pull the freezer paper off.  No tearing, pulling at stitches or picking required.

We will work on a table runner that, while not too difficult, will give you a good foundation in the technique.


Place: St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Date:   Saturday, October 14, 2017

Time:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:   $40.00

RULER CLASS with Carola

Next, we will present a workshop in November, with Carola – well known owner of Carola’s Quilt Shop in Gibsons, BC, and an amazing, artistic quilter.   You will hear from our Programs Committee that Carola will be a guest presenter at our guild meeting in October.   And as a follow up, she will teach a one-day RULER class in November.   There is great excitement in the quilting world about this fun and fascinating method of machine quilting, and so we ask you to stay tuned for all the details on this workshop in our next newsletter and at the June meeting.

Happy quilting,

Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen.


Happy Easter, quilters!   We are still exploring new ideas for our workshops going forward, but for the moment we have Barb Mortell’s wonderful two-day workshop to fill!   We are more than half way there with registrations, so we are hoping that this April guild meeting will have more sign-ups and reach break-even point at least.

I know I am so excited to be doing my first ever “improvisation” quilt.   Wow!   After year and years of measure twice, cut once, I wonder if I can break that habit and learn something completely new?

Please join us for this wonderful opportunity.   Several people asked me at last month’s meeting for a supply list, and so I am including it below, along with another photo that Barb sent us.   Now if “black and tan” are not your colours, don’t worry – the possibilities are endless!   We will be using solid colours only, so pick your favourites and imagine!

Modernized & Totally Improvisational Log Cabin – A Two day class

Place: St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Dates: Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27; 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:    $90.00 for two days

(NOTE: The church has a locked room available to keep your machines and supplies overnight on the Friday, if desired)


  • solid coloured good quality cotton, such as Pima cotton or Kona cotton. 
  • 2 – 4 yards black (or very dark value colours) cotton
  • 2 -4  yards white (or very light value colours) cotton
  • 1 yard pieces of solid coloured cottons. Bring one colour, or grey, or many choices, it is up to you. Design a nice colour scheme that you like with black and white and we’ll go from there. Solid colours, no prints.
  • Sewing machine
  • Large cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • You noticed that I have not mentioned rulers 🙂
  • Flannel for design wall
  • Tape to adhere design wall

workshops 1


We look forward to seeing you at Guild.   Please come and see us at the workshop sign-up table!

Susan and Helen, Workshop Coodinators


Hello to all guild members! We, Susan Lum and Helen Jorgensen, are looking forward to our two-year term as Workshop Coordinators and we will do our utmost to provide you with fun, exciting, relevant, boundary-pushing new challenges to enhance and expand our adventures in quilting.

With that in mind, we will work on bringing new teachers and projects from within and outside our Guild.   Please, please give us feedback and voice your own wishes and ideas to us!   We will welcome all suggestions and look forward to chatting with you at guild meetings, or by email.

We have moved forward with the preliminary arrangements Jane Andrews set in motion for us, as mentioned in last month’s newsletter. Yes indeed, BARB MORTELL, former guild member, fabulous teacher and trunk show presenter and amazing quilter, is presenting a TWO-DAY WORKSHOP, and the information is noted below. It will be a rewarding prelude to those summer months when you can experiment and expand on your very own unique style. Barb’s teachings are legendary!!!

Modernizing the Log Cabin, bringing traditional ideas into the present


In this class we will be working with colour and value to switch up the traditional log cabin. By placing similar values next to each other, you create a new shape, by noticing this and pushing it in a direction you like, you create a unique improvised design. Working in this way opens doors to many new ideas and may even lead you to work in a series, which is a satisfying way to truly explore a single design idea. The log cabin block, in its simplicity, can provide you with a lifetime of exploration. Colour and value are amazing elements of design and exploring within the simplicity of the traditional and well known block log cabin will keep you on track for exploration of your own.

It’s fine to work with just black and white, or you may want to bring in a few colours like very pale pink or yellow, medium and very dark hues, or other values, like light grey, medium grey and dark grey.

Building a modern Log cabin quilt board by board, we will still follow the tradition of the log cabin block, but the end result will be your own.

Strip by strip, section by section, ideas flowing one to another, allowing the builder to create a unique modern and thoroughly updated quilt top.

Barb says “I do not want people coming with preconceived ideas, this is an experimentation class, one where people are allowed to “let go” and truly improvise, to follow the beat of their own drummer, to make something totally unique.”

Here is a photo of quilts made using Barb’s method, but remember YOUR colours, YOUR style, YOUR creativity will make your finished project unique to only YOU!

workshops 1


Place:             St. Agnes Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver, BC

Dates:            Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27, 2017

Time:             9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Cost:               $90.00 for two days

(NOTE: The church has a locked room available to keep your machines and supplies overnight on the Friday)

We look forward to seeing you at Guild and listening to your workshop ideas!

Susan and Helen





January Fun Day, January 28

January Fun Day, January 28th, from 10 am to 4 pm, at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, 1360 East 24th St. (at Mt. Hwy.), North Vancouver. Cost is $25 plus an item for the potluck

As described in our October newsletter, we will be celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday with a quilting bee/potluck/birthday party. Please take note of the date – it is on the last Saturday of January. We had to change the date that was originally planned, as several of our members will be away at the Road2California quilt show. The quilting bee is an initiative of the Canadian Quilters’ Association, and all the quilts that are created will be donated to Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. Each 12 ½” slab block is to have at least one piece of the special edition Canada 150 fabric in it, and the intention is for them to be scrappy. So, think scrappy kids’ quilts.

As Sue Forbes will be showing us how to “quilt as you go,” we are hoping people will also think about coordinating the backing of the blocks if you want to pool them together with other people’s blocks. We will have some fabrics you can use for the joining strips and backing. If you have any batting scraps that are at least 14” square, we can sure use them up for you!

This is a really flexible project. You can make blocks, a quilt top, or an entire quilt. Please have a look at the CQA website at for the full details and instructions. They have a short video which shows how to make the slab blocks, as well as written instructions.

If you haven’t signed up to come yet, and plan to attend, please let me know asap. There will be an opportunity to register at the guild meeting, but we’d appreciate knowing how many people to expect before then.


Round Peg, Square Hole Workshop

Our Round Peg, Square Hole workshop will be February 18th from 9:30am to 4:30pm.  The locations is Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. The cost is $55.00, which includes the pattern fee

We still have some places available in the upcoming February 18th, workshop with Krista Hennebury, her “Quarter Round” quilt design. Krista always does a great job of teaching, and we are really looking forward to the day! You can choose to make the four block wall hanging or the larger 16 block quilt.

Workshop Coordinator

Workshop: Round Peg, Square Hole (Krista Hennebury)

wks1Krista always does a great job of teaching, and we are really looking forward to the day! Here is a picture of the Quarter Round quilt, which can also be done in a smaller version with only four blocks for a wall hanging.

DATE: Saturday, February 18
TIME: 10 AM to 4 PM
LOCATION: Highlands United Church,
COST: $55.00 (includes pattern)

Workshop: January Fun Day

Mark your calendar for this fun event! Each year we do something a bit different for our January event, and this year we will be celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. A potluck birthday party!

The Canadian Quilters Association is hosting a nationwide quilting bee, with the goal of making 1,000 quilts for donation to Ronald MacDonald Houses across Canada, and we thought this would be an excellent project for our annual event. The quilts are to be made of 12 ½”slab blocks, and we can just provide blocks, make them into quilt tops, or finish entire quilts. Each block is to contain at least one piece of the specialty fabric being issued (by Moda and Nortcott) for Canada’s 150th birthday. As long as the shipment arrives on time, we will have some of this fabric to give out at the November guild meeting, and again at the January Fun Day. You can find instructions for the slab blocks on the CQA website at Our very own Sue Forshaw will be teaching how to do Quilt As You Go. What a great project for that technique!

DATE: January 21, 2017
TIME: 10 am to 4 pm
LOCATION: St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, 1360 East 24th St. (at Mt. Hwy.), North Vancouver

Workshop: Circles, Circles, Circles (Terry Aske)

Do you love the look of circles in quilts? But are you intimidated by sewing curves?  Me too! I use a variety of techniques to create my circle quilts that are simple, easy and effective.

The workshop will cover:

  • an easy method to draw a circle any size
  • making and using freezer-paper templates
  • how to create accurate circles using a freezer paper pattern and flat seam sewing
  • circles with raw edges, covered with bias tape, couching or decorative stitching
  • circles with turned-under edges, which are topstitched in place

I will teach you to design your own 12 to 18 inch square circle block pattern. Then you will make the blocks using a variety of techniques. The blocks could become a small wall-hanging, a pillow cover, or the start of a larger quilt.

DATE: September 24/16
TIME: 10:00 am to 4:00 p.m.
LOCATION: St. Agnes Lutheran Church, 530 East 12th Street, North Vancouver
COST: $55.00

circles1 circles2

Workshop: Landscapes (Susan Jensen)

In this class you will learn the techniques to give you the confidence to create a landscape quilt from any of your own photos.  Learn how to create landscape elements and what fabrics to use and how to enhance your piece with paint and stitching. The techniques include raw edge applique, kraft-tex elements, painting highlights and shadows to give your piece depth. In this workshop you have a choice between 2 photos to work from to start your landscape journey.

DATE: November 5, 2016
TIME: 10 am to 4 pm
LOCATION: Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver
COST: $40.00

Susan’s Bio:

Creativity has always been in my life thanks to my Dad. He wanted each of us to realize our own creative path and the joy it would bring into our lives. “All work and no play” was not good for the soul he would say. He instilled the love of nature and to appreciate the beauty around us and I shall always be truly grateful for that.

Who am I you ask?

  • Designer of Quilted Escapes Pattern Design, desgining for Northcott Inc. with my patterns being sold across North America and Internationally
  • I recently joined Trend-Tex Inc. as their In-house Desginer and Creative Director
  • I teach at quilt shops, trade shows and guilds
  • Recently opened my new studio where I teach and create fibre art in Maple Ridge, B.C
  • Fibre Artist and a member of the Fibre Arts Network
  • On the editorial committee of the Quilter’s Connection Magazine
  • I’m happily married to my husband of 31 years with 2 beautiful children, 2 beautiful grandchildren. We have 2 dogs and a cat who thinks he’s a dog!

As I spend time out in this glorious province it’s exciting to really look at nature, the sunshine and the shadows, the textures and the colours are just some of what inspires my desgins. I want my fibre art to give the viewer the feeling that they are actually there, that they could walk right into the piece and touch the trees or open the garden gate or get their feet wet down by the water.

My hope is to inspire my students to look at nature with a whole new perspective, and, using what they learn in the classes I offer, create their own masterpieces. In this class you will learn the techniques to give you the confidence to create a landscape quilt from a photo.  You have a choice of 2 photos to work from to start your landscape journey.


Workshop: January Extravaganza (Elaine Andrew)

january_extravaganzaBring a Jelly Roll, and we’ll make up some no-calorie Jelly Long Johns. You can even keep your New Year’s resolutions with these ones! Better yet, work from your stash, and you’ll be able to keep more than one resolution! We will explore many possible ways of setting these quick, easy blocks. If you would rather work on something else, that’s fine, too. Just bring it along! Please bring any quilts you have handy that were made from precuts, and share your ideas. As always at this annual event, we will have a pot luck lunch, prizes, companionship and fun.

Elaine, our instructor for this day, has been quilting so long, she remembers when rotary cutters were invented. A retired nurse, she now keeps herself busy with a computerized longarm quilting business, chairing a quilt guild in Calgary, making oodles of quilts, and teaching others to quilt. She is an entertaining and knowledgeable person, who happens to also be my sister!

DATE: January 16, 2016
TIME: 10 am to 4 pm
LOCATION: St. Stephens Catholic Parish, 1360 East 24th Street, North Vancouver
COST: $25.00