Presidents Message

Good news! As of February 17, we have nominees for three of the six executive positions up for grabs at our AGM– bad news is; we are missing three nominees for the remaining executive positions.  Our current Treasurer and Librarian have both expressed interest in putting their names forward for their positions for another two year term and someone else has put their name in the hat for Member-at-large. That leaves Vice-President, Programs, and Communications open for nominees.

For those of you who are wondering if you have what it takes to be on the executive let me ask you this: If not you, then who? Who out there enjoys our monthly meetings but thinks maybe there is something new and better we could be trying? Perhaps you have discussed with your friends about something up and coming that you would love to see at our meetings. Well grab those friends, form a committee, and put a name forward for the Programs position.

On the other hand, do you like to work more on your own? Do you like to sit in front of your computer and search the internet for interesting blogs or “how to” videos. Do you really enjoy visiting quilting websites and have ideas about how ours should look. Then do we have a position for you. Our Communications person (previously Newsletter Editor) will be responsible for communicating with our members through our website and email to keep everyone engaged with our guild and with quilting.

Finally I come to the position of Vice-President. The VP job is very important but if everything in the guild is running smoothly there is very little stress in the job. Just because you are the VP does not mean you have to run for President. The VP is someone who can step in and help where help is needed. They collect the mail and are responsible for the storage locker. If you are someone new to the quid or are thinking you would like to meet more people, then this is a good position to hold. Don’t be shy! Our guild needs you!

Please take time to review the guild proposed budget and the community quilts proposed budget (and financial statements for the year end) sent out in an email earlier this month. Both budgets will be voted on at the AGM. Our proposed changes to the by-laws (sent out by email earlier this month) will also be voted on. If you did not receive these items, please ask for them and we will resend a copy.

Our February meeting will be busy. Along with the elections and program we will be getting our first look at the Raffle Quilt for our upcoming show. (I heard raffle tickets might be available.) Quilt registration is continuing online and paper only registration is available at our next couple of meetings. The deadline for quilt registration is March 31/18. Be sure to watch for show volunteer registration coming online soon. Remember to renew your membership – you have until March 27/18 to renew to be able to show quilts in this year’s show. New members have until Feb 27/18 to join. All this information and more is on our website.

Don’t forget that Community Quilts days are February 22 – 24. Hope to see you there!

Kathryn Gillis

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