February 2018 Upcoming Programs

A reminder that we are still looking for a new team to take on Programs. If you’re interested, feel free to contact any of us on the committee for more information. We’ve got the next few months arranged so anyone who volunteers will have an easy introduction to the job. Working with a team, Programs is both fun to do and a great opportunity to get to know people better.

2017 Birmingham Quilt Show in the UK with Rosalind Knight

MARCH 2018
Paul Krampitz Trunk Show
Paul Krampitz from the Vancouver Modern Guild will be giving us a trunk show on his journey from traditional to modern quilting, with examples of lessons he learned in traditional quilting and how he has adapted these lessons in making modern quilts.

APRIL 2018
Carola Russell of Carola’s Quilt Shop Threads and Trunk Show
It’s not quilting without thread – learn about the latest trends in thread and afterwards, SHOP! Make a list of favourite threads that are getting low on the spool, and treat yourself to new favourites.

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators