Quilt Show 2018

With our quilt show a mere 4 ½ months away it is time to start gearing up! Our focus this month is on quilt registration. All of the information you require for registering your quilts is up on the website and JoAnn Lee has the following info to share:

Quilt Show registration is now open!

I am excited to start receiving your quilt registrations for our show. I am hoping many of you will use on-line form to register your quilts.

Some of the benefits of on-line registration are:

  • you will receive an email confirmation immediately after you have submitted your registration so when it is time to make the quilt label you will have all the information you need.
  • The form also allows you to make edits to your registration (in case you made a typo, or decide you have a better name for the quilt 5 minutes later).
  • This form creates a spreadsheet of the data that is used by multiple sub committees thereby saving time and potential errors.

A few really important points about quilt show registration:

  • Online registration is really encouraged. In person registration will happen at the January 23, February 27, and March 27 Paper forms will be available at the meetings ONLY.
  • No registrations will be accepted after March 31st.
  • Your registration is not complete until your photo is received (and payment for the photo if required)
  • All photos MUST be 4” by 6” on PHOTO PAPER. They must also accurately show the colours of the quilt. Our layout team uses the photos to determine how the show is hung. If the colours are not correctly represented it can radically change how the show is hung, creating a more difficult set up day.
  • To register online follow this link to complete your registration.
  • https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJRb4s7UpsVmoeP9sr0fi54gfQBDczX5sG8kK7VXv4vxWUGQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Krista Hennebury is in charge of our boutique:

Once again it is time to get creative and start production on your boutique items! Our boutique has a wonderful reputation among show visitors for offering high quality sewn, knit, quilted and other items for sale! I hope we will once again offer a beautiful selection to our visitors. Consider baby quilts, placemats, napkin sets, tea cozies, mug rugs, pin cushions, bibs, stuffed toys, scarves, hats, baby sweaters, mittens, seasonal wall-hangings, bookmarks, sewing-themed greeting cards, draw-string bags, totes, fold-up grocery bags, Christmas gift bags, wine bags, project envelopes, project pouches, jewelry. **Just no food items please**. We can also display a limited number of larger quilts and have sold up to twin sized at the last two shows. If you have any questions about the suitability of anything you’d like to offer in the boutique, or you’d like to request an inventory form, just email me krista(dot)hennebury(at)shaw(dot)ca.

Carol Piercy has stepped into the role of Volunteer coordinator:

We will be registering to volunteer via our website this year. As with quilt registration this will enable us to more easily track who is volunteering, assign shifts and ensure proper coverage and reduce the number of hours it takes to accomplish those tasks.

Carol will have more info for you on the process next month but in the meantime please look at your calendars and sort out which days you can volunteer during the show. Without a strong compliment of volunteers our show simply doesn’t work. Also remember that for every two hour shift you complete your name is entered into the Volunteer Prize Draw.

Hanging a quilt in the show

We will once again be asking you to supply a dowel for any quilt 48” or less in width. The guild will supply the proper sized eye hooks and make them available at meetings from January to April. Information about sleeve size etc. can be found on the guild website or on the hardcopy registration forms available from JoAnn at the January, February and March meetings.

If you are new to the guild or if you have hesitated in the past to enter a quilt I encourage you to do so. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone or by email via the guild website.

I have 4 quilts slated for entry, I just need to concentrate on completing them! I hope you are well on the way to having yours completed as well.

Happy Quilting!

Dianne Ritter, Quilt Show coordinator

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