November 2017 Upcoming Programs

Winter Social & Guess the Quilter Game
By popular request, the ‘Guess the Quilter Game’ is back, keeping delicious company with our pot luck winter social. We have eight mystery quilters to stump and confuse you.

Here are a few instructions for the game – we’ll go over them again at the meeting.

  1. Stand to ask your question or to make a guess – the moderator will recognise you.
  2. Ask only one question at a time – must be something that can be answered as Yes or No.
  3. To make a guess, identify the mystery quilter by letter and give the numbers of BOTH quilts.
  4. You must guess BOTH quilts correctly to win. You won’t be told if you got one of the two right.
  5. After a correct guess, both of the quilts will be taken down from the wall and the mystery quilter will leave the stage.
  6. To make things interesting, there are two ‘ringer’ quilts on the walls.

Be prepared for fun and prizes and good food. No signup sheet for the pot luck, just bring your favourite sweet or savoury treat to share.

We have lots planned for the 2018. We’ll be handing everything over to the new Programs coordinator – and their committee – in February. Give some thought to taking on the position and getting a group together to help you with it. The four of us have shared the work, playing to each other’s strengths.

  • January: “Tips and Techniques” demonstrations by our members, including refreshers on techniques you’ll need for the quilt show. Plus, the results of the Row-by-Row challenge, full quilts AND works-in-progress.
  • February: A tour through the 2017 Birmingham Quilt Show in the UK with Rosalind Knight.
  • March: Paul Krampitz Trunk Show
  • April: Carola Russell of Carola’s Quilt Shop Threads and Trunk Show
  • May: Member’s Spotlight Series

Laurel Hickey, Norine McCaffrey, Betty Clarke, and Rosalind Knight, Program Coordinators