Workshops Thank You

I would like to thank my workshop committee – Carol Piercy, Anita Jones-Gould and Betty Clarke – for all their assistance and ideas over these last few years. They were always there with suggestions for workshop instructors and a helping hand to make tea and coffee. It was a privileged to have been your workshop co-coordinator for the past 4 years.

I would also like to thanks all the guild members who signed up for the workshops and offered to help set up and take down the tables along with the bringing of goodies for us to nibble on. Your assistance was always appreciated.

I am pleased to announce that we do now have a new workshop co-coordinator. Anne Pelton has volunteered to plan and look after workshops for the next 2 years and we met this morning to go over what is required to put on a workshop. Anne has a committee in place already with Jane Andrews and Clarice Hobson lending a helping hand and Anita Jones-Gould has agreed to stay on to help as well. I hope you will lend them as much support as you afforded me. Good luck Anne and your committee, too!!

Joan Herrin

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